Anholt marina - The loveliest island

56° 42,9' N 11° 30,6' E
  • Facilities

    Sailor House, morring buoys and grill etc.

  • Landmarks

    Experience the largest dessert of Northern Europe.

  • Prices

    At Sailor House you can pay port charges, for electricity and for bathing.

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    Latest news from and about Anholt.

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Why choose Anholt Marina?

  • A unique part of Denmark
  • Cosy island environment
  • Amazing natural beauty
  • The beautiful white beaches
  • Fine facilities at Sailor House

The natural pearl Anholt appeals to many tourists - especially boaters. Jointly around the harbour, hundreds of masts are swaying and extending, during the summer season. In great contrast to the silence and darkness of winter is the summer with its hottest and busiest months.

There is room for many sailboats, a handful of fishing boats and the island's lifeline, the ferry which sails between Anholt and Grenaa.

Pleasure sailors can spice up the trip with the experience of sailing past the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, located in Kattegat off the coast of Grenaa. The 111 wind turbines have now become a significant landmark for Anholt.

The experienced harbour master at Anholt Marina, Niels Henning Sonne Andersen is ready to welcome you to the beautiful island in Kattegat.