An appealing natural gem


 The great draws are nature and local atmosphere

Anholt - an appealing natural gem

During this summer season, a large group of local people have once again helped create unique activities and culinary experiences at the Port of Anholt and on the other parts of the island. Efforts which do not go unnoticed – not outside Denmark either.

The German TV channel NDR visited Anholt to make a portrait of the island. A Swedish travel blogger came up with a brilliant and detailed recommendation of the island’s attractions and, in their Facebook group “Tursejlads og sejlsport” (“Cruising and sailing”), yachters acclaim the Port of Anholt. These are just a few examples of the positive attention Denmark’s loveliest island has received recently.

The great draws are nature and local atmosphere

In 2018, VisitDanmark, in cooperation with FLID (the Association of Danish Marinas), published the survey “Yachting tourism in Denmark”, which took the pulse of yachting tourism in Denmark. For instance, the survey showed that 90 % of the yachters are satisfied with the service level in Danish ports and that the major attractions are the coast, nature and the local atmosphere. Besides, yachting tourists attach importance to an environmentally friendly travel destination and an accommodating population.

The Port of Anholt strives to provide many of these features, and this may be one of the reasons for the attention the island is receiving.

The Port of Anholt continuously works on optimising the port’s facilities, preferably in an environmentally friendly way. Not only because yachters ask for it, but also because the port is attentive of the environment. Among other things, solar cells have been fitted on the Sailor House and on the pier; and energy-saving LED fittings have been installed in toilet cubicles and lavatories. The Port of Anholt receives fantastic feedback from yachters for its good service, and this is just another motivation to do things even better.

Proud traditions and new initiatives

When asking harbour master Klaus Jensen why tourists choose Anholt as their holiday destination, he answers that it is the unique nature and, in particular, also the passionate locals who make it all come alive.

“With Northern Europe’s largest desert, it is obvious that Anholt’s nature is unique. Anholt does not have all the usual “hullabaloo” seen in other tourist resorts. The best activities are the ones you can enjoy in nature. Here, families are crab fishing from the pier – there is not much else to do but enjoy and relax. In addition to this, many of the island enthusiasts start activities and adventures for the tourists. On Anholt, we help each other and raise the level of good experiences,” Klaus says.

The local Anholt population sees to it that tourists will find a mix of recurrent traditional events like Lobster Days, Folk High School Stays and the Anholt Music Festival as well as new exciting initiatives like Anholt Gin, Anholt Water Sports, the food truck of the eatery “Spiseriet” with home-made stone-oven baked pizzas and the “Dellen”, which sells freshly cooked fish cakes at the harbour.

In other words: Anholt is worth a visit – for first-time tourists, who can benefit from the island’s proud traditions, as well as for old friends, who will definitely not be bored either, because there are always new things to see and experience.