Coastal protection testet

The coastal protection on Anholt has been put to its first test.

Before the work was completed, the new coastal protection system on Anholt underwent its first test in the form of the Alfrida storm, which burst in January 2019. Indeed, the system showed its strength and thus its eligibility: Anholt's main road, Nordstrandvej, is secured against the waves.

The coastal protection is carried out by the construction company Zøllner A/S, which started to work on the project in August 2018.

This project includes slope protection, breakwaters and sand refilling on a 500-metre-long stretch of coast along the island's northern beach. Three large breakwaters were installed, each with a length of approximately 70 metres. The breakwaters are located about 80-130 metres off the coast and are necessary for the creation of bays with wide sandy beaches. Once the sand settles behind the breakwaters, it will significantly change the landscape along the beach, and then the area will look like a sandy beach.

Nordstrandvej will be completed in May 2019, and then regular sand refilling works of the area will continue. Some of sand required will be picked up from the maintenance of Anholt harbour, which must be regularly deepened.