Covid-19 important information


Precautions related to corona | covid-19

At Anholt Marina we observe the authorities’ instructions and strongly advise all our guests to do the same.

Now, sailors from "yellow" countries, like Germany and Norway, can enter into Denmark without having to go into isolation.

And more good news!
As of 26th of June, more countries will change colour, making it possible for tourists from all EU and Schengen-countries to enter into Denmark, without having to go into isolation, after entry into Denmark, if they can provide a valid Corona-passport.

A corona passport proves that you have been vaccinated against, have previously been infected with or have tested negative for COVID-19.

This makes it much easier for tourists, from EU and Schengen countries to cross Danish borders and to have a pleasant stay and enjoy the summer in Denmark.

The following guidelines apply at Anholt Marina

Foreign tourists should be particularly aware of paragraph 7:

  1. During the high season (week 27 to 32), boats will be moored side by side as usual. We believe that it is possible to keep a distance of 1 metre to other persons. This also applies, when you pass other boats to go ashore. Keep a distance and show regard. If you prefer a longer distance, we recommend that you visit our island during the low season
  2. The grill area is open. All authorities’ current requirements for distance and assemblies apply.
  3. The Sailor House is open and the sailors’ room, kitchen facilities and bath rooms may be used. All authorities’ current requirements for distance and assemblies apply.
  4. Show consideration for other persons in the toilet building. A distance of minimum 1 metre to other persons must be observed.
  5. Toilets and bathing facilities are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. All contact surfaces in the Sailor House will be disinfected regularly. Disinfectants are available at the entrance to the toilet facilities, at the vending machine, and in the kitchen.
  6. The port office will be located outdoors this summer. Here, you can meet the harbour master and the other personnel. They will help you as usual.
  7. We can recommend this link

Furthermore, here you can find current rules and regulations regarding Corona | Covid-19.


Take good care of each other. And please enjoy your stay at Anholt.