Kattegat's unpolished gem

Anholt - Kattegat’s unpolished gem

It pops up just when you can no longer see the land. With its 22 square kilometres, Anholt is a part of Denmark, as many have not seen yet – but as more and more people discover. And the steadily increasing number of tourists finds that here – closer to Sweden than Denmark – there is a small unpolished gem, good to visit if you want the feeling of being far away.

Good three-hour sailing separates Anholt and Grenaa – and you cannot get back home the same day and this amazes many. If you have arrived at Anholt with the ferry from Grenaa at noon, the visit requires an overnight stay. This is what defines the calm pulse on the cozy Kattegat island. Naturally many also chooses to visit the island with their own sailboat.

Anholt gives you a feeling of good time even in the most hectic holiday time with lots of tourists. Everything takes place in a fun and friendly atmosphere and this makes the visitors forget about the busy life far away on the mainland. The time slowed down here at Anholt, where agreements are pleasantly regarded as approx. times. Citizens from Anholt had their own version of the Road Traffic Regulation. However, this is not valid for July and August, where one police officer is stationed at Anholt.


The forces of nature and the isolated location have put their mark on the residents, many of which have roots for generations in Anholt. They live a happy life with the existing terms and conditions - and are proud of their island. They are very proud and aware of the fact that they have something very special to offer.

Some families are moving here – and there are more to come. Because of the children, the island's small school can have and maintain a minimum of 9 students going there now. This requires a special life as you've already noticed. It's not like moving to the country in Jutland.


Like so many other aspects, the nature on Anholt is something completely different. Here you'll find Denmark's single desert, namely a dune and moorland area with a vegetation that cannot be found elsewhere in the country.

Anholt is located so far out in the sea, that the supply of nutrient salts is very small. Therefore, there are slowly growing and extremely rare plants such as those in ’Ørkenen’, designated as one of the most beautiful nature attractions in Denmark.

The island has dense forests, open landscapes and dunes. And everything is surrounded by 25 kilometres of coastline with completely unique beaches.

Anholt is not that big. But there is much to explore when it comes to the people and nature on the island. If you give yourself the time.