Marina service

The heart of the Harbour Master beats for Anholt

Klaus Jensen is one of the persons keeping the wheels running on Anholt. As a Harbour Master, he represents the Service Authority for the many thousands of sailing boats taking the course towards Anholt every summer. A responsibility of his ‘free-time position’ as a restaurant owner is to make sure the visitors have something to eat when visiting the pleasant marina.

Leisure time is not actually for leisure. During the peak season, Klaus Jensen is up from 6 in the morning till midnight. He loves what he is doing and has never regretted that he decided to move from being a business owner in Djursland to an existence on Anholt. Part is because he has family and roots on the island, dating back hundreds of years ago.


Klaus Jensen is good at seeing opportunities, and he takes advantage of them when such opportunities appear. From blacksmith at BASF in Grenaa, he was given the opportunity to start his own business. He developed a company with just over 100 employees before the crisis made them slow down. At a later point, he bought an automotive paint company, he developed and sold it afterwards, and when Finn’s Fisk on Anholt was for sale, Klaus Jensen and Mrs. Anja took it over and started the restaurant called ‘Algot’. Since that time, the business has expanded and they’ve decided to introduce an ice cream store, sale of gourmet hot dogs and a property that today includes grocery store on the marina.

This summer, Klaus Jensen's companies on Anholt had 36 employees.

“During the first years, I stood in the kitchen at ‘Algot’. It was a hard work, but gave me the opportunity to learn the business and the products. This experience helps me today to dispose and buy“, says Klaus Jensen.


Klaus Jensen works as Harbour Master during the summer period. Many sailing tourists know Klaus Jensen on his cargo bicycle, since this is his preferred means of transport at the marina. The tourists know that Klaus helps them with practical things, good advice, tips for excursions on the island and much, much more. He is a very visible ambassador to Anholt.

“We are continuously working to improve our efforts towards the sailing tourists. We must do it professionally – yet in our own way, and the success is thus guaranteed“, says Klaus Jensen.
“At least we get many praises from the tourists,” he says.

The number of sailing boats is steadily increasing, and this year we've broken the record. So far, 13,500 boats have visited Anholt Marina – 3,200 more than during the last year. About 40,500 tourists have thus been welcomed by Klaus Jensen or one of his team in 2018, considered to be the biggest and longest season, as fast as he can remember. The Kattegat island had never had so many visitors before. Due to this success, the marina is now expanding with a new landing bridge for the island’s own boat owners. The former landing bridge and a new floating bridge provide space for another 60 boats in the current basin, while the outer basin deepens with a view to future expansion with several floating bridges.


Klaus Jensen looks forward to offering more capacity. The biggest and longest day of summer had a total of 696 yachts in Anholt Marina, and this can only happen because the sailors are received in an inflatable boat and allocated space from here. This means that the marina can be packed properly and is a service that makes the sailors cheer.

Anholt will expand the possibilities in other areas as well. By making the season longer. This refers to attracting tourists with activities and events like 'Lobster Days', 'Literature Festival' and much more.

“We’ve been working to expanding the seasons and having a good autumn season. Different activities are intended to create activity in the season so that we can expand the number of tourists and make the most of the capacity“, says the active Harbour Master before running the cargo cycle to receive another group of sailing tourists.