New construction jetty

Construction and preparation for better space at Anholt Harbor

An increasing demand, and Anholt's popularity among the sailing people are resulting in periods of peak loads. As with other marinas, harbormaster Klaus Jensen at Anholt experiences positive activity in the harbor. This includes both more and larger boats. The harbor is now trying to meet this by investing in a new construction jetty.

”One should have a pleasant experience when arriving at Anholt Harbor - whether it is high season or whether your boat is somewhat bigger,” Klaus Jensen states.

“With this new initiative, we want to welcome as well as smaller yachts who simply wants to enjoy the view and take a look-see at the harbor from the boat as well as the larger boats that need more space. Our goal is that this new bridge may become a reservation bridge for the larger boats.”

Not more capacity - rather an experience of optimization of space

Klaus Jensen emphasizes that the construction is not at all about increased capacity, but rather relocation in order to give visiting sailors the best experience possible. The harbor is aware that there is a need for room for the cozier sailing ambience with respect and consideration for the harbor to accommodate all types of boats. In the long term, the Anholt harbor even ponders further plans to build a breaker-pier that may provide optimal shelter conditions in the port's outer basin, where the bridge also will be built.

The images show contractors commencing initial preparations, where, among others, the poles for the bridge are being framed.

Preparation for Season 2023

Although the work has already commenced, and some might already be looking forward to the opportunity, the completion of the entire project is a long process. This means that the new pontoon bridge can be expected to be completed by the 2023 season. In 2022, the harbor master and his team at Anholt will help yachtsmen and boats in place, as well as possible, as we hitherto have done.

”We will do our utmost so that all our guests will have the best experience”, Klaus Jensen concludes.

The latter year’s upgrades have been well received

In later years, the Port of Anholt has made several investments and upgrades, and the harbor’s users and guests have a range of modern facilities on hand. I.e. the upgrade of the entire barbecue area and the upgrade of the Sailor House have been incredibly well received.

Life at sea has become popular

An increasing interest in experiencing Denmark and the country's many beautiful islands may be felt at Anholt as well. The Kattegat island, with its natural riches, offers many distinctive and unique experiences. Nature and the ocean draws many near. There is fresh air, deserts, child-friendly beaches and an advantage for the climate compared to other vacation options. When visiting Anholt, Denmark's most isolated island, you’ll typically stay a few days and enjoy the island, its nature and the wonderful atmosphere that are found around the harbor and along its jetties. The Port of Anholt will continue its efforts to set the framework for a fantastic sailing holiday.