New floating bridges

New floating bridges provide more room for sailing guests

The redeployment and deepening of parts of the harbour basin have created more room for the many sailors who visit Anholt every year.

In the harbour's inner basin, a new floating bridge has been built for the port's permanent dockers, who will get their own area here. Moreover, the marina itself has been equipped with a new 30-metre-long floating bridge, which provides space for 60 boats. At the same time, the area around the new bridge was deepened to 2.5 metres.

"This ensures better space for guests, who used to dock very close to each other when we had more than 600 boats in the harbour," says harbour master Klaus Jensen.

In the meantime, the harbour's outer basin has been deepened to between 4,5 and 5 metres. It future-proofs the harbour and creates the opportunity to later set up berths for larger boats in that part of the harbour.

Finally, the ferry's fairway has been deepened as part of general maintenance.

In addition, Anholt Marina is taking another step towards its green transition: in the future, the energy necessary to lighten the harbour's northern pier head will be supplied by the solar cells installed on the pier.