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 Anholt Marina practical news


The island of Anholt and its harbour are in full swing preparing for this year’s season. Every sail is set give yachtsmen and tourists a fantastic experience on Denmark’s most beautiful island. - You can read more about this in the news item Ready for the 2021 season.
In addition, we have some practical information for the upcoming season.

Ban on soundboxes

Last year we experienced large gatherings of young people partying at night in the harbour areas, including the barbecue area, the ferry area, etc. These parties played loud music on soundboxes which, unfortunately, caused significant inconvenience for the sleeping guests at the harbour, island residents and other guests. For this reason, this year, we have introduced a ban on soundboxes and loud music in the harbour area. This year, the police will be present in the nightlife from week 26 to week 32. They will seize any soundboxes used in the harbour area. There will still be room for parties and music, but now we have established a framework where we show consideration for each other to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable stay at Anholt.

Harbour map

We have produced a harbour map that provides an overview of the bridges and the harbour facilities. We hope that this will provide a practical overview for visitors to the harbour. View or download the harbour map here.

Blue Flag

Once again, the beach of Anholt Vesterstrand can raise the Blue Flag. The Blue Flag is an eco-labelling scheme that guarantees that the beach works to ensure our shared nature and environment. This means that you can confidently enjoy a swim as the bathing water is among the best in Denmark.