The season on Anholt: A rollercoaster ride with a great end

Udsigt over grillpladsen på Anholt

A rollercoaster ride with a great end

The year 2020 is best described as a rollercoaster ride with challenges, but also with liberation. The situation has been the same on Anholt, where we due to common adaptability can look back on a great season.

The preparations for the past season started back in autumn 2019, where extensive renovations of the marina facilities took off. The Sailor House was fitted with a new kitchen and bath facilities. The barbeque area was also refurbished with a great new common area, new large barbeques, beautiful tables and benches from Sostrup Savværk as well as LED lights for those cosy summer evenings.

Anholt was also affected by COVID-19

Anholt was, like the rest of the world, affected by COVID-19. The corona situation entailed uncertainty and changed conditions for tourists and sailors, and even resulted in Her Majesty Queen Margrethe cancelling her entire summer cruise as well as the visit to Anholt. We hope that the visit will take place as planned in spring 2021 and look very much forward to it.
Many of Anholt’s tireless and dedicated souls were also forced to cancel planned events and activities. Fortunately, many of them took place in a “corona-friendly” manner, enabling tourists to experience a wide variety of activities such as the kite event, pub crawl and lobster days as well as tours through Denmark’s oldest lighthouse.

A fantastic season

Both sailors and tourists have been great at following the corona rules and acting courteous, making it a fantastic season on the island. The new marina facilities have brought much joy and the barbeque area has already become a popular meeting point.
However, like the rest of the country, Anholt also saw a completely new phenomenon of young people making noise with soundbox speakers. Unfortunately, Anholt was further subject to vandalism, leaving the common areas in bad condition and resulting in restrictions being prepared for the marina area for the next season. Everyone - young and old - should be able to enjoy their stay on Anholt, where we respect each other.


Bubber and Villum visiting

Throughout the year, Anholt was mentioned in various media, for instance in the television show “Land between oceans” on German NDR and in the magazine “Femina” with the article “5 tips for holiday in Denmark”. The season ended elegantly with a visit by television celebrities Bubber and Villum, who toured the lovely marina and picked juniper with Anholt Gin.
Watching “Bubber and Villum explore the archipelago of East Jutland” on Danish DK4 in spring 2021 will be the ideal warm-up for the upcoming season on Anholt.