Welcome to Anholt Marina

Thank you for choosing Anholt Marina.

We hope that you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay, and will enjoy the harbour and the beautiful nature at Anholt.


1) You are able to receive one hour of free internet access by locating and accessing the network called ”Anholt Havn WiFi”. Here, you enter your name and email address, upon which access is achieved.

After this one hour of free access, you will be disconnected.

2) If you wish to have internet access for longer, you have the option to purchase more. Locate and access the network called ”Anholt Havn pro-WiFi” where you have the option to choose between the following products:

• 1 day of access 10 DKK
• 7 days of access 50 DKK
• 30 days of access 150 DKK

After your purchase, you can enjoy a super speedy wireless internet connection.

Practical information

Immediately after arriving at the marina, harbour fees must be paid in the machine in the Sailor House, where you also can pay for electricity and bathing-pass. In the same building, you will find a large sailor-room with a kitchen, canteen with current weather reports, bathroom and the harbour office.

We recommend NOT to leave the harbour around 8 AM and 3.45 PM where the ferry arrives and departures. Please notice different arrival and departure times in the weekends (see schedule at www.anholtfergen.dk). Rubber boats and similar should NOT be in the water next to the ferry at the same time.

Use of barbecues is strictly forbidden on bridges and boats. During the summer months, weather permitting, the large barbecues below Sailor House are lit around 6 PM.

Once again welcome to Anholt Marina and enjoy!